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2005: Tom’s Palette was born in September, a humble 250 square foot shop that only sits 6.

2006: Created its first savoury sweet ice cream; salted caramel cheesecake ice cream. Started to infuse flowers and teas into our ice cream like lavender, chrysanthemum and earl grey tea. At the same time eggless cookie dough was incorporated into our choc-malt cream, Granny’s Favourite and became an instant hit till now.

2007: Tom’s Palette attempted to create all our unique the mix-ins and inclusions from scratch. Eggless cake batter was swirled into our peanut butter cream, and so Nuts & Such was created.

2008: Began to combine tempered chocolate and popping candy together into ice cream and concocted the ever exciting Melt & Sizzle. Tom’s Palette’s Salted Caramel ice cream was featured in Straits Times Life section. Her World Magazine awarded Best Ice Cream to Tom’s Palette.

2009: Tom’s Palette was selected as Best Ice Cream by IWeekly magazine. It was this year that Tom’s Palette started ice cream making class, open to the public. Participants would learn how to create their own ice cream with the basic ingredients and basic techniques of ice cream making.

2010: Salted Egg Yolk ice cream and Chocolate Sorbet was introduced. Salted Egg Yolk ice cream has its legion of followers that appreciates its acquired yet creamy taste. CNN GO awarded Tom’s Palette with Best Ice Cream. Tom’s Palette went for a make over and expanded its 6 seater store to a 40 seater ice cream parlour. It also collaborated with Kochi to create its refreshing Yuzu ice cream. Started to prank customers on April Fool’s Day with Cipolla (Onion) flavour. CNN travel ( named Tom’s Palette, “the Willy Wonka of ice cream.”

2011: Tom’s Palette incorporated cream cheese frosting into ice cream and produced Red Velvet ice cream, which is a served specially during Halloween month.

2012: Mango Sticky Rice ice cream was actualized after months of trial and research. It’s the perfect blend of creamy sticky rice and the appetizing sourness of mango bits.

Tom’s Palette created a ‘Blob’ using spherification method and served it along with its waffles. Molten sauce from hazelnut latte was also developed.

2013: Tom’s Palette interest in savoury ice cream lead to a success with its creation of Parmesan Cheese ice cream. Another round of renovation at the end of the year sees the shop expending to a 60 seater ice cream parlour.

2014: Created jelly inclusion, a play on texture freezing jelly without being icy. Two such flavours that have jelly inside are Triple Coconut and Milk Punch.

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